Old turkic script

From Author's foreword: ... It is different from other translations as translated terms into Mongolian (mongolise) for reader’s interests. Also there is a requirement arises that some traditional meanings have to be changed and learn deeply. To sort out contemporary Turkish, it is written differently asTurug.  Turug script kept features of both Mongolian and Turug. For phonetics, the script had been perfect and had the finest rules.  Except it could differ words as female and male words, it had vowels and consonants for male words and vowels and consonants for female words. And also transcript the pronunciations…

Explanative Translator’s study and conclusion expressed only translator’s ideas and it hadn’t been published for the readers before. Hope, translators will introduce with interlinear translation, read explanative study, conclusions and criticize or will enhance the translation.

Monumental scripts are intellectual and cultural memorials that included contents of 200 years history of nomadic civilization. ...

Old turkic script

Dalai CH., Academic, said in his presentation that: ... Baatar D. tended to translate and explain the Kultegin monument,Tonukuk into Mongolian which were important sources relating to ancient nomadic history and language. Specially, he relied upon his native Tuva language which made more interesting and tendered clearly the meaning of words of ancient stele.

He devoted so much hard work and put great diligences in this book and there is a probability precisely for study and the research work. However, explanations of some words etymology may attract researchers and linguists’ attention. Although I had some opposite opinions in this book, I couldn’t correct, I am afraid. Because of the author’s view, I respect that.

Huh Turug stele is no doubt making a definite contribution for the memorial of Mongol and Turug Study, especially in the memorials for the ancient turug scripts.
The book brings all white wills.

End of winter, Fire Pig Year named Tamer of All.

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