Oelut Baatar Dari

Author D. Baatar

The book author, Baatar D. whose origin is Oelut was born in 1937 inTsengel soum, Bayan-Ulgii Province.

After finishing the Pedagogical College in Arhangai Province in 1957, he started teaching in the local primary school. Then he graduated from the correspondence course at the Pedagogical Institute in Ulaanbaatar as a teacher of Mongolian Language and Literature.

In 1976, Baatar D. moved to Darhan city and taught in the town secondary school. After worked totally for 36 years, he was retired.

Now he is presenting for you his translation of monument scripts made by stone in 716 and 732.
The specific features of ancient scripts which were famous for “Runi Script” in Europe were explained in the translation.